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10 Great Reasons to work with Crompton Lamps


We specialise in the Electrical Wholesale sector.

We don’t go looking for retail, large DIY, cash & carry, lamp distributors and Wholesalers to Wholesalers.

We want you to buy our brand direct and at the right price.



We never go direct to end users.

No matter how big or sexy the enquiry, we just deal with our regular customers.



We offer sensible MOQs.

We offer sensible MOQs across our range, such as all LEDs in single units, and the Halogen Incandescent Replacements in packs of just 10 per type, making it very easy for you to stock our full range with minimum risk.



We stock what your customers ask for, not just the fast moving lines.

We have continued with many lines that our competition stopped when it suited them.

We will try and move out when it suits you!



We do lots of ranges, not just fast moving LED.

Many suppliers offer LED GU10, Candles etc. but can you get them in Cool White, Day Light and Warm White?

Do others supply your Reflectors, Energy Saving Halogen etc. that you need?



We test all our products for light output, wattage and colour in our own on-site Sphere and Test Lab.

What we claim on each box is what we know the product in the box does!



We publish you a complete invoice price list for every line we stock.

There are no surprises with our pricing policy.



Our extensive sales team visits your branches, not just head offices.

We want everyone in your team to know what is going on in the market.



All our images and marketing materials are available for you to use.

Yes, you can use our marketing material free of charge to help you generate sales.



We have been experts in lamps since 1878.

We will continue to be your experts in lamps, and strive to bring new products to market.



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