Melana Round

Energy efficient IP66 rated integrated LED round bulkhead suitable for surface mounting.

Constructed from black tough polycarbonate with an opal diffuser.

Ideal for wet weather outdoor applications with IP66 rating and a IK10 impact rating.

Easy to install with loop-in / loop-out connection terminal.

Long life maintenance free operation.

Optional eyelid cover also available.

Melana Round Bulkhead-6508 Melana Bulkhead Black • 15W • 4000K 6508
Melana Round Bulkhead-6492 Melana Bulkhead White • 15W • 4000K 6492
Melana Round Bulkhead- Emergency-10291 Melana Bulkhead Emergency Black • 15W • 4000K 10291
Melana Round Bulkhead - Emergency-10246 Melana Bulkhead Emergency White • 15W • 4000K 10246
Melana Round Bulkhead- MW Sensor-10284 Melana Bulkhead Microwave Sensor Black • 15W • 4000K 10284
Melana Round Bulkhead- MW Sensor-10239 Melana Bulkhead Microwave Sensor White • 15W • 4000K 10239
Melana Round Bulkhead - MW & EM - 10307 Melana Bulkhead Microwave Sensor / Emergency Black • 15W • 4000K 10307
Melana Round Bulkhead - MW & EM - 10253 Melana Bulkhead Microwave Sensor / Emergency White • 15W • 4000K 10253
Melana Eyelid Cover Black Melana Eyelid Cover Black 10260
Melana Eyelid Cover White Melana Eyelid Cover White 10277

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