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Product Images Available for Download

Do you need access to images of our lamps?

We can assist.

To access to our product images just call our Sales team on 0845 612 8151 who will ask how you intend to use them. Once approved they will send you a PDF with step by step instructions, including the login details, to access our FTP site that holds images of all our products.

Important notes regarding use of Crompton Lamp images;

  • No copyright or proprietary right is conveyed with the use of any image supplied by us
  • The whole product should always be visible and not changed or manipulated in any way without written permission from Crompton Lamps
  • Images may not be used in any way which could be considered to be deceptive or which could reflect unfavourably upon Crompton Lamps
  • In the event of any identified breach of these terms of use, we reserve the right to take any appropriate action to constrain further use and/or seek financial recompense.

Call the Sales team on 0845 612 8151 or email


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